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color & appearance

Angelite is a soft, powdery blue. More often than not, Angelite contains small soft white or pale orange specks.

gem meaning

Known for its connection to the angelic realms, the soft blue Angelite can be used to help inspire divine communication. It is a very soothing, peaceful, and uplifting stone, quite helpful during times of transition and it is helpful during emotionally difficult moments. Angelite is filled with compassion and grace, providing the emotional body with endless support. This crystal creates a deep feeling of peace and joy.

With a calming and soothing vibration, that may help to relieve tension, anger and stress, it can be found helpful at times when you may be finding it emotionally difficult to cope with the situation you may find yourself in.

Angelite is a great stone for meditation and is most commonly used by those who often use prayers or wish to have contact with beings in higher realms.This stones beautiful energy aids in finding your spirit guide and keeps you in touch with the universe.