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Color & Appearance

Aquamarine comes in delicate light blues to vibrant ocean-like colors. This blue-green gem radiates the most calming of energies!

Gem meaning

Aquamarine, the stone of eternal youth and happiness, is said to protect those who are traveling by, over, or near water. In ancient history, Aquamarine was carried by sailors for good luck and protection. This gem inspires clear and heartfelt communication with oneself and those around you. This healing crystal can ground your thoughts, bringing emotional issues to the surface. This may help you to understand your own hang-ups that are limiting your ability to improve. This stone is believed to heal the conflict between trusting and letting go. Allow it to emit a gentle and compassionate energy in your life.

This stone is associated with the throat chakra and it is said to help one overcome the fear of public speaking, and to have the confidence to speak their truth. It is also a good stone for those following a creative path as it promotes self-expression and clears confusion. Keep it with you to inspire courage, quiet the mind and have faith in going with the flow of life.