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color & appearance

Moonstone is a soothing creamy, caramel color that sometimes contains light veins like the palm of a hand.

gem meaning

Moonstone inspires self-expression. It is known for its soothing, calming qualities on the emotional body. This stone quiets worries and anxiety by providing support for the mind and body. It is also believed to help identify deep-rooted emotional issues and serves as a guardian to promote courage and confidence. Moonstone offers boundless protection when carried during travel. Keep it close to inspire complete spiritual and emotional harmony.

Moonstone is a stone for new beginnings. Hold it while manifesting your hopes and dreams and let it remind you that everything comes at its own divine time.

This stone is especially useful for women because it is a powerful stone for the female reproductive system. Moonstone is said to aid females in pregnancy and childbirth and balances the hormonal system. Moonstone's highly protective properties also make it a good choice for world travelers.