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5 Ways to Stay Motivated During the Summer

Posted on July 18, 2018 by LBOR Team

Meet Cassidy

Hello! My name is Cassidy and I'm a Winnipeg life & style blogger and influencer with a degree in marketing and a passion for living – really, truly, living. I started my blog Brains and Bronzed as a way to share bits & pieces of my own life through wellness advice, fashion, beauty & skincare tips, career & goal insights, and all things local. But above all of this, my goal is that my blog can serve as a little piece of inspiration for women out there to follow their passions and find the things that help them to really, truly live their best life.

As I’m sure most of you can attest to, there’s nothing like the complete and utter happiness summer seems to just radiate for us. The hot days and warm breezy nights, plus long hours of sunshine spanning the daylight late into the evening – we wait all year for these days, and they’re only here for a short time, so we have to make the most of them, right? As much as I love being hit with this summer fever, there’s no denying it leads to major drainage of my motivation and ability to be productive. Lounging on a patio or poolside with a glass of chilled prosecco in hand just seems to call my name… But that doesn’t mean everything else can take a backseat. In fact, summer is the ideal time to get a move on all those things you’ve been wanting to start or finish so

with this, in summer 2018 I’ve decided to kick my butt into gear and just get stuff DONE. So here is my 5 ways to stay motivated during the summer.

 Wake up Twenty Minutes Earlier

and make use of that time! Whether it's to check your emails, do some yoga or meditation, or to have a little extra time to do your makeup and feel ready to take on the whatever comes your way; a little extra time makes a whole lot of a difference to your day, and the fact that the sun's out so early makes it the ideal time of year to reset your internal clock and get used to starting your mornings a little earlier.

Cleanse your Space

Whatever you're working on, be it your body, your business, your art, or anything else, setting up the space you need to get things done is so essential to being more productive. De-clutter your space, and add a few personal touches that make it just a little more inviting to you. Whether it’s a few crystals to bring inspiration or energy to your space, an essential oil diffuser to provide you with some aromatherapy, or a quote that just makes you feel like you can conquer anything, add it to your space and I guarantee you’ll start to feel a little more determined every time you enter that space.


Understand the things that can wait until another day, and the things that need to get done ASAP. I’m a firm believer in not biting off more than you can chew, and in the summertime when we have a million things on the go, following this is even more crucial to being productive. Putting things in order of importance helps to you to see your projects/goals/to-do lists in perspective and remind you of what you should be putting your focus into. Shedding a few points off your to-do list for the time being makes it easier to tackle the ones that are urgent, and managing big tasks or goals in smaller pieces make them seem a lot less overwhelming!

Put your Phone Away

Social media causes us to be faced with oh-so many distractions by showing us what everyone else is doing, all the things we wish we could be doing leading us to dwell on the fact that all your friends are beach bound this weekend while you’re spending it working hard on something that might be a little less fun than boating on the lake. Don’t let a case of FOMO from watching other peoples’ Instagram highlight reels get you down, keep your focus in tact by removing yourself from these online distractions all together by taking a smartphone hiatus for a few hours, a day, or a weekend and your productivity will increase drastically.


It's only summer for 4 months out of the year - enjoy it while you can. Don't worry if that email has to wait until tomorrow, or if you skip today's workout. Taking some time to put yourself first by pushing things back for a little while won’t lead to the end of the world, so sometimes you just have to let it be, and take advantage of the happiness summertime brings for a minute. You deserve it!

I hope you enjoyed following along with some of the ways I help to keep my focus in line and remain productive with all the distractions summer seems to throw at us! Keep soaking up the sunshine & getting stuff done!

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Photography: Tea Maric Photography

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