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Best Ways to Wear Healing Crystals

Posted on December 06, 2017 by LBOR Team

Meet Alexandra

Hey guys! My name is Alexandra Teacher, I’m a blogger, influencer, holistic massage therapist, and crystal enthusiast. Ever since I could remember I have been totally obsessed with crystals. Obviously I’m obsessed with them because they are super duper pretty, but also for the fact they each have their own healing energy. Just like everything else on the planet vibrates, so do crystals. They just vibrate at consistent, balanced, higher frequency than most solid objects. Neat, huh?  I love surrounding myself these sparkly healing stones, whether it's my living space, my car, or even at work. However I’d have to say, my absolute favorite way of keeping them close, is by wearing them. They are a great way to upgrade an outfit and overall vibe. I really want to get you excited and inspired to incorporate them into your style or if you already own a few pieces, just to find out more about the crystal jewelry you already have!

I feel so lucky I get to share my love of crystals with you, thank you for reading!

Bring on the Healing Crystals

Wearing crystals has been a thing since the beginning of time. They were worn in the breast plates of high priests and priestesses, crowns of royalty, and Cleopatra even adorned herself with stones. They were believed to bestow enlightenment, beauty, protection and much more. In the past, the preferred way to wear them was cut and polished, like gemstones. However wearing raw uncut stones has been making a hot come back in recent years. Whatever a persons style, there is a stone out there that would fit their aesthetic and energy.

Plenty of people wear stones everyday, not even realizing what kind of energetic benefits they are getting. It’s no coincidence that you can’t leave the house with out your turquoise ring, or those amethyst earrings. Marylin Monroe probably didn’t even realize the healing potential of all those diamonds. If you have any crystal jewelry and don’t know what the healing properties are I encourage you to do a quick search on the internet.

Crystals come in a wide variety of colors and textures. Some twinkle and shine in the sun. While others can be matte or cloudy, like a rainy day. Their textures range from smooth to sharp with everything in between. Other than being completely beautiful, crystals are powerhouses of harmonizing energy. They vibrate at a higher frequency than most solid objects, as they vibrate they radiate that energy. Each crystal has their own healing frequency or essence they are designed to share.

You can wear larger stones as statement pieces, smaller stones for everyday wear, or cut and polished gemstones for a special occasions and everyday wear. If your style leans toward bohemian you might gravitate towards larger raw pieces, and if you are a little more polished you might appreciate gemstones a little more.

Why wouldn’t you want to adorn yourself with these luminous, harmonizing, hunks of magic? I personally love wearing stones as jewelry. Not only do I get to look at the beautiful stone, but also receive all the healing benefits.

 Some of Their Amazing Super Powers

| Bestows tranquility, self love and acceptance. |
| Attracts love, money, safe travels, and adventure. |
| Promotes ease of communication. |
| Repels or cleanses negative energy, and eases anxiety or depression. |
| Can activate your intuition. |
| Crystals can even be worn to help improve health conditions. |


My Favorite Ways to Wear Healing Crystals

  •  Rings. These can range anywhere from big chunks of turquoise, dainty pieces of aquamarine, to diamond engagement rings.
  • Bracelets. You could wear a string of small tumbled or raw stones, or a stone set in sterling silver or any hardware of your choice.
  • Earrings. You could wear any kind of stone you’d like as a stud or dangling in the middle of a hoop.
  • Necklaces. Pendants on a silver or gold chain of whatever length you like. A string of stones, which can be long or short like a choker.
  •  If you aren’t much of the jewelry wearing type, but still want to receive the healing benefits, just pop a small tumbled stone into your purse or pocket. You will still receive the benefits from having them near you.

In some cases people can notice their ailment intensify, after wearing the stone of their choice. However no need to fret! This is just a sign that the healing process has begun. This process can last anywhere from 20 minutes to a few days. An easy way to harmonize your energy with the stone is to wear it for a little while everyday, for as long as you’re comfortable, and increase the time daily.


I hope I’ve inspired you to incorporate more stones into your style, or find out more about the crystal jewelry you already have.

For More Alexandra, head over to My Tiny Wisdom.


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