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5 Celebrities Who Love Healing Crystals

Posted on August 07, 2017 by LBOR Team

In recent years, some of Hollywood's brightest starlets have helped to bring healing crystals into the mainstream spotlight. In fact, you might remember not so long ago when your favorite little healing crystal shop was featured in the gift guides of Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow.

From Sheryl Crow to Adele, some of Hollywood's biggest celebrities are finding ways to benefit from the healing energy of crystals, infusing their oh-so-glamorous lives with an added boost of inspiration. Here are a few of the world's most famous crystal lovers who we simply adore.


Before Adele's comeback show, she was reportedly approached by a fan on the street that gifted her with healing crystals. (Um, best fan EVER!) Apparently, Adele had been feeling nervous about her comeback show after spending time away from the spotlight focusing on being a mom. But with the help of her healing crystals, she was able to push past her stage-fright and perform one of her best shows. What's more is that before the Grammys, Adele accidentally left her crystals at a previous venue (uh oh..) and then dealt with technical issues throughout her set.

Don't worry though, she has since replaced her healing crystals and uses them during meditation before performances. It is reported that she doesn't go onstage without her Citrine, a stone that is associated with the solar plexus, promoting personal power and assisting with the manifestation of goals and dreams.

 Kate Hudson 

Kate Hudson is said to keep a Rose Quartz with her at all times, a special gem that was gifted to her years ago by her mother (Goldie Hawn). Associated with the heart chakra, the soft pink Rose Quartz is widely known as the stone of unconditional love and is the perfect crystal to keep close when an extra boost of self-confidence is needed. Kate is often seen wearing a Rose Quartz pendant, ring, or earrings, and she even rocked this rose tinted hair for awhile.


Miranda Kerr


Miranda Kerr is not only reported to have placed Amethyst and Rose Quartz throughout out her home and garden, but is also said to carry a Clear Quartz wand that is studded with Rose Quartz at all times to attract loving vibes. In fact, during a Twitter takeover with Australian Vogue, Miranda revealed that she also keeps Rose Quartz next to her skin care products to infuse them with the energy of self-love. We seriously LOVE this woman!

 Sheryl Crow

A self-declared crystal enthusiast, Sheryl Crow is often seen rocking Aquamarine necklaces. Believed to have been carried by sailors thousands of years ago for courage and protection at sea, Aquamarine is an amazing stone for promoting a sense of confidence and freedom of self-expression. This is the perfect healing crystal for those working in a creative field like Ms Crow. Keep Aquamarine close any time you are nervous about expressing yourself and speaking your truth.

Victoria Beckham


Out of all the starlets on our list, Victoria Beckham is probably the most vocal about her love of crystals. She has said in interviews that she places healing crystals throughout her home and always carries a Black Obsidian in her purse for strength and protection. The black obsidian is an extremely powerful stone for maintaining a sharp mind, guarding against negative influences, and promoting psychic abilities. Now that's Posh. (Sorry, we had to.)

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