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Top 4 Crystal Gifts for Valentine's Day

Posted on January 24, 2017 by LBOR Team

Healing Crystal Collection, Gift Set for Love, Romance, Wedding, Anniversary

It really is no secret that LBOR has some of the most thoughtful gifts online. From birthdays to anniversaries, our unique crystal collections make for easy and meaningful gifts that last. This Valentine's Day, instead of flowers, send the gift of healing crystals, a.k.a. a Little Box of Rocks, in one of our favorite themes for Valentine's Day.

Moonstruck | Crystals for Love and Romance

Roses will die, and chocolates will kill your waste-line, but crystals are a romantic gift that last a lifetime. Containing Garnet for passion, Rose Quartz for love, Moonstone for clear communication and Clear Quartz to 'make a wish,' give this unique bouquet of healing crystals to the one who's got you Moonstruck, and infuse your love-life with positive energy. After all, is there anything sexier than secret crystals? 


AFFINITY | Crystals for Friendship

Crystals for Friendship, Affinity


She's the keeper of your secrets, the crafter of your fibs, and the heart of gold who who cares for you like no other. This bouquet is dedicated to the best of friendships. Containing Rose Quartz for unconditional love, Aquamarine for support, Pyrite for positive energy, and a Clear Quartz to 'make a wish,' this truly is one of the most meaningful friendship gifts available.


WILDFIRE | Crystals for success

Crystals for good luck and success

Has someone gone and set your heart on fire? Tell them with one of our most popular bouquets. Containing Pyrite for success, Fire Agate for progress, Jet for stability, Sweet Grass for positive energy, and Clear Quartz to 'make a wish,' this bouquet is the perfect unique success or good luck gift to give a friend or partner to let them know that they've been blazing down the right trail. Burn baby, burn...

LOTUS | Crystals for Mom

Of course, don't forget a Valentine's Day gift for mom! Representing the pristine blend of beauty and resilience that defines the spirit of motherhood, the Lotus bouquet contains Rose Quartz for love, Desert Rose for clarity, Moonstone for balance, and Clear Quartz to 'make a wish.' And we promise that your mom will actually want to keep this one!

Love is in the air...

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