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How to Turn Your Dream Job Into Your Day Job

Posted on June 27, 2017 by LBOR Team

Are you considering trading in that desk job to follow your real passion? Maybe it's a longtime dream, or a new hobby that you've fallen madly in love with. This entrepreneur faced her fear and made it happen – and so can YOU!

Lindsay Nead, Owner of Parker Management and The Wellhaus blog had a little Wildfire in her heart, so she took the leap – a scary one that in the end has paid off. Here she opens up with us about how she pushed past her fear, quit her job at a top modelling agency, and dove heart first into the world of entrepreneurship, opening Parker Management, a digital talent company providing talent for established brands like Anthropologie, Origins, and Under Armour.

Lindsay is a true representation of our crystal collection containing crystals for success, the Wildfire bouquet, which makes the perfect success gift for those wanting to take charge and follow the gentle urging of their hearts. We were thrilled to get to ask Lindsay a few questions about how she successfully turned her dream job into her day job.

LBOR: Say, hello! Introduce yourself.

Lindsay: Hello! My name is Lindsay and I’m a wife, momma, blogger and business owner, based out of Portland, OR (originally from sunny San Diego). My blog, Wellhaus, is a wellness, lifestyle and travel blog. It served as my creative outlet while I was at my old job and although I don’t have nearly enough time to spend on it these days, it’s still my happy place and a big source of inspiration. I also run a talent agency, Parker Management. So, needless to say, I’m a little busy, but I really can’t complain! 

LBOR: What prompted you and gave you the courage to make the switch from your talent agency in San Diego to running your own talent company?

Lindsay: In the back of my mind, I had always wanted to have my own talent agency. I think I fought it for a really long time, until I physically felt a push. I was stressed, getting sick a lot and just feeling a nudge. My body was like, ABORT, it’s time for you to make this happen! The self-doubt part was REAL. Everyone told me how I needed to do my own thing for as long as I can remember, but I would brush it off and think of a million reasons why I shouldn’t. To be honest, it was my husband that was like- “Lindsay! Get it together.” Ha! I needed that push so badly. 

LBOR: What changes have you experienced since making the switch?

Lindsay: Work/life balance is a little tough. I’m getting there, but I literally feel like the amount of things I could work on is never ending. I have put my heart and soul into building the talent roster that I have and everyone I work with, are really important to me. It means a lot to me to help them be successful, so it can be a lot to carry at time. However, as crazy as everything feels sometimes, I feel more fulfilled than ever. That’s when I realized; I’m in the right place.

LBOR: Best advice for someone wanting to make a big (perhaps scary) change?

Lindsay: Never, ever let fear discourage you. I think too many people (my past self included) sit and ponder all of the things in life that they want to do. My motto- DO THEM. Not one day, but soon! You’ve just got to go for it and make it work. Also, don’t resist that inner desire. If you feel nudged to do something, don’t shut it down. Listen in.

LBOR: What do you wish you knew when you were first starting that you now know?

Lindsay: That starting a business isn’t AS scary as I thought it was going to be. I probably would have done my own thing much earlier, had I known that what I thought was so intimating, isn’t entirely so.

LBOR: What sparked the idea in you to start your website?

Lindsay: Really, it was just the overall desire to live life well. My blog was my creative outlet when I was a talent agent at a modelling agency. I had always loved travel, wellness and aesthetic (clothes and interiors) and since my job wasn’t really centered around that, my website helped fulfill that part of me.

LBOR: How do you juggle running both a company and a website? What are your best tips for productivity while working from home?

Lindsay: Well, my blog always comes second now, which I have learned to accept. I still try and stay consistent though! I am a major schedule-freak, so I try and make sure to do a post a week (it used to be 2 a week, but I had to be more realistic). As for productivity at home, I’ve recently started to implement more of a strict schedule. I try to go about my morning the same way I used to when I had to be at an office and then I start my workday about 8am. Schedule is key though! Also, a quiet, natural lit spot in your house and an easy-listening Spotify station.

LBOR: With that, while running two businesses and having a baby at home, how do you maintain a work/life balance?

Lindsay: I am really fortunate because my parents live down the street from me and my husband only works 2-3 days a week. That helps tremendously with work/life balance because I feel like I have help! Other than that, I try to take my son to the park mid-day often. I also leave my phone upstairs after 5pm most days to spend quality time with my family, make dinner, and if I’m lucky, take a bath!

LBOR: Which other female leaders do you admire and why?

Lindsay: I really want to come out here and give you some prestigious names, but the truth is, my Mom and Gwyneth Paltrow come to mind (ha!). My mom has always been a tenacious entrepreneur. She’s always shown me that I’m capable of anything I set out to do. She’s also always taught me that it is possible to work hard and play hard. It’s also important!

And Gwyneth, I just think she’s such a rad woman. I admire her creativity, wellness philosophy and entrepreneurship so much. I don’t really geek out on articles or magazines, but when she’s on or in one, you better believe I’m reading it.

For more Lindsay, pop over to The Wellhaus.

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