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How to Become a Morning Person

Posted on November 08, 2017 by LBOR Team

We all look for way to make our early mornings more enjoyable, so we asked Danielle, owner of the wellness blog themindfulblonde.com, to share her mindful morning routine to help all of us get out of bed a little easier during these colder months.

Meet Danielle

My morning routine officially constitutes as self-care.  How we start our day is a huge reflection of how we live our life.  You deserve more.  You deserve a morning full of serenity and purpose that will compliment the rest of your day.  Unlike a lot of wellness experts out there I don’t consider myself a “morning person” however I’ve learnt to adjust that phrase and turn my mornings into me time. There are so many forms of self-care and a solid morning ritual is my key to thriving.

A glimpse into making your morning routine a little more mindful —

7:30 am //  Wake up call

I set my alarm 30 minutes earlier than I need to. This gives your body time to actually adjust to being up and avoids rushing or putting yourself in a stressful state.

7:45 am // Drink a large mug of warm lemon water 

I’m in the kitchen immediately to hydrate. Simple yet effective. Before consuming anything I give my digestion and skin a reboot. Adding lemon to your water helps aid digestion and begins to rehydrate the body after all those hours of sleep

8:00 am // Mediate and movement 

Learning how to mediate is one of the best investments toward more mindful living. My creativity and over-all sense of well being as improved immensely.  There are lots of ways to mediate. For me its 10-15 minutes — I choose to sit with my diffuser running and a few of my healing crystals. Crystals and essential oils help support daily intentions you may set during meditation.  I’m sure to keep my crystals with me through the day, they serve as a reminder and reset when things get overwhelming. 

8:15 am // Dressing and To-do Lists 

Getting dressed for the day and getting to work is much more enjoyable knowing I took 30 minutes for me.  Making a to-do list is how I stay productive and assure that I am accomplishing each task one by one. 

Whether I am working from home, teaching a yoga class or running out to a meeting I have my mindful morning to look forward too.  Morning routines will look different for everyone but remember that you deserve this time.  Find what works for you and show up for yourself! 

For more Danielle, head over to The Mindful Blonde.

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