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Our Healing Crystal Shop Is OPEN!

Posted on September 29, 2015 by LBOR Team

Little Box of Rocks

Welcome! I'm Kiera Fogg, mother of three, certified crystal addict and the creator of this healing crystal store. I couldn't be more excited that today is the day I finally get to share it with you!

For the past year, I’ve been plugging away, dreaming up crystal collections, sourcing the perfect crystals, writing, writing, writing… and while it’s definitely not all been rosy (any minor technical glitch or shipping dilemma is enough to overwhelm this right brain thinker), the act of following through and creating this company, for me has been such a treat.

From the very beginning, my intention was to build more than just an online crystal store. I wanted to create an inspired business – one that would reach beyond it’s tangible services to a place where people could connect and grow in spirit together.

I believe that giving, whether it be the smallest act of kindness, or the Oprah, give-someone-a-car kind, is the means through which connection occurs. It’s through the act of giving that we most effortlessly connect with others and with our own spirit.

It’s why I chose to create a store centered around the gift-giving experience. My ultimate hope is that we offer gifts with messages and meanings that will actually last. We believe that each gift should mean something, and it shouldn’t die within a few days. (Flower shops, we still love you!)

In this space in particular, you will find everything from interviews with inspiring people, messages of encouragement, spiritual tips and tricks, behind the scenes access to what we’re up to, and of course, the juiciest of secrets. ;)

In fact, sign up for our mailing list at the bottom of your screen and we'll tell you one right now...

Also, if you haven’t seen our unique twist on bouquets, feel free to take a peak here:  The Supernova Collection

Stay tuned... we're about to rock this, and you're the GEM we've been looking for.


Little Box of Rocks



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