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Noël (Christmas)

Happy Holidays • Christmas • Hanukkah Gift

Has your recipient been naughty or nice? You decide! This healing crystal collection allows you to step into the big black boots of jolly old Saint Nick and send a golden nugget (Pyrite) for the angels in your life, or a lump of coal (Shungite) to purify the trouble-makers. So go ahead, Santa – put the joyeux back in noël. Or not! Ho-ho-ho...

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Healing Crystal Gift Box Includes

  • Wooden gift box hand-wrapped in black satin ribbon
  • Shungite (Naughty) or Pyrite (Nice), Angelite, Red Jasper, Clear Quartz in a muslin, hand-stamped sachet
  • Black envelope and personalized letter including both sender and recipient's names, printed on fine linen paper
  • Keepsake message printed on luxurious, 32 point card stock
  • Your secret message delivered on a mini scroll

Healing Crystal Meanings

The fiery Pyrite is a stone infused with positive energy, which of course means that you’ve been quite nice! Keep this golden sparkler with you to inspire the flow of spiritual and material abundance, now and throughout the year.

You are receiving a black lump of Shungite, which of course means that you’ve been rather naughty. Thankfully, this carbon-filled stone is a powerful cleanser and carries with it the energy of sweet purification. Keep it close – we’ll have no more of your nasty shenanigans!

Celestite is a stone of angels and represents the spirit of the holiday season. Hold this powdery, blue gem to invoke miracles and a connection with the divine.

Red Jasper is a stone of compassion, wisdom, and tranquility. Allow this Christmas colored beauty to inspire peace, ease stress, and keep your inner Scrooge at bay.

The Clear Quartz can amplify the power of other stones or be programmed with your desired intention. Make a Christmas wish!

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