Free Standard Shipping within Canada


Will  my  recipient  receive  my  receipt?

All receipts are sent via email, unless specifically requested otherwise. If you wish to include your receipt in your bouquet, please make a special note of it to us in the checkout area and we will be happy to include one for you.

Do  you  offer  pickups?

We are not currently set up for pickups at this time.

I  received  this  message  at  the  checkout:  "Please  contact  us  for  shipping  rates."  What does it mean?

If you received this message while trying to submit an order, it might be because you are trying to ship to a country other than Canada. In such an instance, please email us to see if we can accommodate you.

You will also receive this message when ordering more than 24 bouquets at a time. For large orders of over 24, please contact us for shipping rates and to confirm inventory. Email us at

Can  I  order  multiple  bouquets  to  send  to  multiple  locations?

Yes, however you will need to place each order separately if you'd like multiple bouquets to be shipped individually. If you order multiple bouquets in one single order, they all must be sent to the same address.

How  long  will  my  order  take  to  get  to  my  destination  and  can  I  track  it?

Orders generally arrive within 1-3 business days after they are shipped. Transit time is a non-guaranteed average and can occasionally take longer. We do not replace or refund missing or stolen packages.

What  can  I  expect  after  I  place  my  order?

Shortly after your order, you will receive a couple of emails: The first, when your order is received, and the next when your order has been shipped.

We ship orders within 1-3 business days.

Do  you  ship  internationally?

Currently we ship to the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe and South-East Asia. If you'd like to send to a different destination than what is offered, please email us and we will do our best to accommodate you. International orders can be placed on our USA site.

The  type  of  bouquet  I’m  looking  for  isn’t  here.  Will  you  create  it  for  me?

Well, perhaps! While we don’t make up custom bouquets on demand, we are always looking for unique bouquet ideas. If you don’t see the bouquet theme you are looking for, please send us an email to and let us know. You might just find your idea in our store in the near future!

Do  crystals  actually  hold  special  powers?

Your guess is as good as ours. Many (including us) believe that crystals each hold their own distinct vibrational qualities that can be used to heal, uplift, and inspire. However, just like any other spiritual practice, the belief is in the heart of the beholder, and thus, must be decided by each individual. We do not claim or promise that our bouquets will bring about any type of change, including, but not limited to, any type of healing, personality shifts, or mental health benefits. We do however, hope and intend that our bouquets will inspire positive benefits within all those who associate with us.

How  will  my  recipient  know  the  bouquet  is  from  me?

Every bouquet comes with a unique letter for your recipient to read before opening their bouquet. This letter will be addressed to your recipient and includes your name.

Can  I  send  a  bouquet  anonymously?

Of course! When ordering, simply fill in the "Sender's Name" portion as "secret sender," and we will be sure your name isn't included.

What  if  I  am  not  happy  with  my  bouquet?

In the event that you or your recipient are unsatisfied for any reason, please contact us at so we can make things right.

I  received  a  bouquet.  What  can  I  do  with  my  crystals?

So, SO much, my friend! Welcome to a whole new world of fun and magic. For suggestions and ideas on what to do with your new found buddies, meet us over here on our blog.

Ok,  about  this  secret…  what  am  I  not  supposed  to  tell?

We ask that you keep the message that you write between you and your sender. We believe that this creates a unique bond and preserves the energy of the bouquet. So, tell your friends that you’ve received a Little Box of Rocks, just don’t divulge the secret!

And in case you're wondering, we won't divulge your secrets either. Our lips are sealed...

Where  are  you  located?

Our head office is in Winnipeg, Canada.

*** Please note that the colors, shapes and sizes of our crystals do vary and while we do put careful attention on making sure each of our bouquets are beautiful, they are not guaranteed to be the exact colors and shapes as pictured. We do not replace stones unless broken in shipment. 

Still have questions? Please contact us at