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Stardust (Birthday)

Happy Birthday • Gift for New Baby • Treat Yourself

In ancient times, it was believed that those who carried astral stones linked to their birth constellation would benefit from magical powers. Inspired by this ancient tradition comes Stardust, the healing crystal collection that’s infused with the power of your recipient’s personal zodiac birthstones. Send this truly unique birthday gift and guess who will be the real star… Twinkle, twinkle!

Gift Box Includes

  • Wooden gift box hand-wrapped in black satin ribbon
  • Healing crystals associated with your recipient’s zodiac in a muslin, hand-stamped sachet
  • Black envelope and personalized letter including both sender and recipient's names, printed on fine linen paper
  • Keepsake message printed on luxurious, 32 point card stock
  • Your secret message delivered on a mini scroll

Crystal Meanings - Gemini

Gemini’s astral stone is the vibrant, golden Citrine. Just like this joyful gem, you are brimming with positive energy. Allow it to enhance your creativity and bring forth the new experiences you crave.

Being ruled by the fastest planet, Mercury, has made you an incredible communicator. It’s also what can sometimes leave you feeling restless. Allow the soothing, blue Aquamarine to keep you anchored in a state of fulfillment and tranquility.

Your ruling element is air, which means that, like the wind, you have a keen ability to change directions. Hold the creamy Moonstone to enhance your intuition and natural talent for problem-solving.

The Clear Quartz can amplify the power of other stones or be programmed with your desired intention. Make a birthday wish!

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